Winter on the Isle of Wight – It’s not just for summer

What’s open over the Winter on the Isle of Wight?Santa Dash Ventnor Beach


The island has a reputation for closing down in October and not coming back again until someone declares it’s Summer….  somewhere around Good Friday!

There are a few tourist attractions and seasonal places that do close for the Winter months, but there are also a lot of people open and looking forward to seeing you.

Taking a break on the Isle of Wight in the middle of winter is not such a mad idea as it might sound.  Cheaper ferries, quieter in general and choosing where to stay is much easier and can be more economical.


So, who is open over the Winter?

The animals on the island would love to see some friendly faces over the winter.

Monkey Haven, Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary, Amazon World, Tapnell Farm, West Wight Alpacas and the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary are all open.

Some parts are outside, but there are various indoor areas and some lovely cafes selling hot drinks to warm you up if it is a bit cold outside.

The Needles.  Crazy busy in the summer.  Still there in the Winter, waiting to be admired.

Hot Chocolate

How about learning something whilst you are here, maybe a bit of heritage?

Osborne House is certainly worth a visit and they hold Christmas events too.  Another English Heritage site; Carisbrooke Castle.

Further educational visits can be found at Brading Roman Villa, Dinosaur Isle, Dimbola Museum, Fort Victoria Country Park, Farringford and Quarr Abbey.

Some of these venues only open on certain days.  Always check opening times before you travel.

We have a lot of guests who stock up on their local produce over the winters months.

The Garlic Farm, Briddlesford Farm Shop, Isle of Wight Distillery and Harvey Browns are great places to start.

Shopping local means you are supporting local businesses whilst purchasing some fresh, tasty produce that you can take home with you.

Keep those island memories alive.

Last but not least, our final idea for a wintery afternoon on the island;


They are always open.  If you have a dog, even better.  A lot of the restrictions for dogs on beaches are lifted during the off peak season.

A brisk walk along the seafront, a lovely roast dinner and a glass of wine in a pub, has to be one of the best Winter Days out in my eyes.

Winter Sunshine Ryde

Isle of Wight.

Not just for summer.

If this has tempted you to a break away over the Winter months, do get in touch.  You won't be disappointed.

Please note: before you travel, always check if the attraction is open, especially in bad weather. Despite advertised opening hours, Island businesses do sometimes close early if the weather is bad.









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