The Picturesque Village of Godshill

A visit to Godshill will probably leave you feeling a little whimsical.

Model Village Godshill

Model Village at Godshill

I have to admit, I have driven through Godshill quite a few times.  Staying in Ventnor, it is not a million miles away and I often drive through or use the petrol station there.  Whenever I do, I always say, “ahhh, this village looks pretty, I must stop”.

Well, today we did stop…. and what a treat the village is.

Godshill is beautiful and the charming shops, tea rooms and model village will easily fill up your afternoon.  The kids will love the model village; counting squirrels, marvelling at little people and jumping on the teapot to have their photo taken.  Grown ups will love the tea rooms and the many quaint and varied shops in the village.  If you are looking for somewhere to buy a holiday gift, you have certainly come to the right place.

Best things about Godshill

  • It’s pretty and you can take lots of lovely photos (being an ex Smith, taking a photo of myself in front of The Old Smithy made me chuckle)
  • The many tea rooms – obviously you have to have a scone (or 2)
  • Quirky shops with lovely treasures inside
  • You can return to the model village again within 7 days for free (bribery for kids, more shopping time for mum)
  • There’s a large car park, and it’s free.

Worst things about GodshillGood Luck Godshill

  • Lack of pavements, keep your wits about you, especially when taking random selfies of yourself in front of Smithy signs.
  • Making purchases you didn’t plan on from the variety of gift shops (I left with a large garage keyring and a silk Daisy making kit that I never knew I needed)

Verdit on our afternoon in Godshill; chilled, cute and surprisingly different. 7/10.

We promise to stop more often….

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