Travelling Solo to the Isle of Wight

Perfect bath for travelling solo to The Corner House

Travelling Solo to The Corner House in Ventnor I have never travelled on my own for 2 nights without my family in tow, and I definitely haven’t crossed the water and left them on the mainland. Now I have ‘survived’ the experience of travelling solo, I wanted to let you know – it was a…

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Ventnorville – Something a little different for Christmas

The Grinch

Ventnorville – Christmas Festivities in Ventnor Wacky, quirky and somewhat crazy, Ventnorville isn’t your average Christmas seaside festival. Father Christmas, yes. But, not always. Occasionally the Grinch throws Santa out of his Grotto.  The kids queue up to find a crazy green man with a sack of presents in the grotto instead. Making a pack…

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Ventnor Fringe Festival

Ventnor Fringe

My first fringe festival and it certainly won’t be my last. We arrived in Ventnor just before the start of fringe week, watching the preparations unfold and the excitement build. After a quick visit to the Ventnor Exchange, I left armed with my festival programme and tips on family friendly events.  Daughter enjoyed a quick…

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Want to find the best Ice Cream on the Isle of Wight?

Us eating Ice cream

Listen to your cravings and visit Crave! When we first walked into the green and cream Ventnorian ice cream parlour back in 2015, we knew we had found somewhere pretty special. Perched on a milk churn, we sampled our first taste of the unique ice cream flavours offered at Crave; salted caramel, jaffa cake and Bakewell…

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