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Join us on an Adventure

On a bright and sunny Saturday, The Wight Place family headed off to spend the day with Adventure Activities on Stoats Farm in Totland.  This is their new home, having recently moved from Tapnell Farm.

We were greeted with a warm and happy welcome and were introduced to Izzy, our instructor for the day.


Rock Climbing with Adventure Activities

Rock Climbing with Adventure Activities

First stop, the rock climbing wall.

The adventurous 2 within Team Wight Place got themselves strapped in and Izzy talked them through the techniques and safety instructions.

They started the climb and the competitiveness kicked in quite early  (from both of them I hasten to add).  Some walls are harder than others, but the 7 year old wasn’t to be beaten by Daddy.

I’m not very good with heights, so I kept my feet firmly on the ground for this one (well, someone had to take the photos!).    I have to admit, it did look fun and Izzy was amazing, encouraging Daisy to push herself just slightly out of her comfort zone, and in turn beat Daddy!  We won’t dwell on that though.

Archery with Adventure Activities

Archery with Adventure Activities

Robin Hood eat your heart out.

Next up Archery, which turned into a bit of a family competition.  As it didn’t involve water or heights I was good with this one!

Again, we were given full instructions and safety precautions.

Team Wight Place fired some arrows, bonded and even managed a bit of maths during the family games at the end.  I am pretty sure I won this one, after a bit of maths intervention from the little person.


Time to Refuel

Before our last activity, we grabbed a spot of lunch at the Highdown Inn, which is across the road from Adventure Activities. Obviously, I took part in this activity and can report the food was really good.  There is plenty of land and open space around should you choose to picnic instead.

After lunch, we went for a walk and then headed over to Freshwater Bay for our final activity;


I grabbed the chance to walk the dog over Tennyson Downs whilst the daredevils donned their life jackets.  Off they paddled to enjoy the secret coves and beaches in the area.

As I watched their adventure from afar, I’ll hand you over to Daisy to describe the kayaking experience. Her debrief gives a much better insight into the fun that was had.

Please read quickly, at 100mph with a huge grin on your face to get the full effect….

We visited a secret beach, found fossils, then we went into a cove and did some real rock climbing – I’ve been to places you can NEVER get to Mummy without being brave and kayaking.  I did kayak sledging, fell in, laughed and then jumped in the sea after Izzy did a headstand on her kayak”

Kayaking with Adventure Activities

Kayaking with Adventure Activities

I think it’s safe to say, she had a ball.  She was so proud of what she had achieved during the day spent with Adventure Activities.

Izzy brought the best out of Daisy and her confidence grew throughout the day – she never would have thrown herself out of a kayak 2 hours earlier!


The instructors at Adventure Activities are amazing.  Great with kids (and adults!), and also very knowledgeable.  We felt safe in their hands.  You may have worked out I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to this stuff. However, we instantly felt at ease (even me) and knew what to expect from each activity.


I think Adventure Activities may have a customer for life.  Daisy has already decided she is returning for the school holiday Activity Days (us parents are being ditched!) and she has a list of things she would like to try.  I am thinking the Axe throwing may have to wait until she is a little bit older though…


Verdict on our Day:

Little Miss Wight Place: 11 our of 10 (despite explaining the concept!)

Mr Wight Place: 9 out of 10 (My stomach muscles hurt)

Mrs Wight Place: 8 out of 10 (because I am a chicken!)


If you fancy a day out with Adventure Activities we can now offer a pre bookable experience for families or couples.

Even ‘scaredy cat’ Mum’s can enjoy it.

Archery with Adventure Acitivites


Email for more info.

For all activities available with Adventures Activities, check out their website.